#Dirty powerful truth on education system

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” I Feel sorry for how the education is going on,
In 20 years of education journey, people only learning what is there in the books,
so after learning then they search for the jobs but very few have chances of doing job.
That is why i feel this is not correct system of education,education should be rechanged and it should
teach lot more in this 20years journey where at complete of it,every person should have confidence
that i can live my life in anyway and should not fight for those jobs which are less in numbers and increased
competition day by day” (In simple words,we feel there is lot more to learn in education which is not happening currently)  – written by cinedabba.com


Our intension to write this quote is There will be so many who are studying and so many graduates out there but very few of them are employed.All those who unemployed and those who know only what they have studied are confused as what they need to do in life.So entire education system should be rebranded in a way where it should teach lot more other things as well where at completion of education,everyone must have some confidence like yes,i can live by doing anything in my life.


The above quote  is completely personal opinion of cinedabba.com and was not intented at anyone.

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