Comrade in America grossed Rs 1 crore at the Kochi Multiplexes

Dulquer Salmaan’s romantic comedy drama ‘Comrade in America’ is faring well at the Kochi Multiplexes despite mixed reports for the movie. The film grossed Rs 3.17 lakhs on second Wednesday at the Kochi Multiplexes with a decent occupancy of 43.4%, taking the total collection to Rs 1.01 crores.

This is the 9th film of the actor which grossed Rs 1 crore mark in the Kochi Multiplexes and 5th consecutive one to achieve this magical feat. The superb collection for Dulquer film’s in the Kochi Multiplexes proves that the actor has a good following among the Multiplex audience.

While the film grossed Rs 48 lakhs on the 13th day of its release at the Kerela box office, taking the total collection to Rs 15.83 crores gross with a distributor share amount of Rs 7.29 crores.

On the other hand, the movie grossed Rs 2.15 crores from rest of the India till date, taking total India collections to Rs 9.41 crores with a distributor share amount of Rs 8.25 crores.

As the movie’s production cost including publicity and prints costs Rs 9 crores, it still needs to mint Rs 0.75 crores to reach its break-even amount.

Nonetheless, Dulquer Salmaan – Amal Neerad’s ‘Comrade in America’ is hitting the Singapore screens from tomorrow.

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