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Paarth Manhas – Author

303020-584b63e91dab9Paarth Manhas is a  junior content writer and is also a sports analyst and enthusiast. He takes care of all the sports-related coverage and loves writing articles associated with the sports world. Aka @sportyGuru

You can reach Paarth Manhas via email at



Neeraj Phogat – Author

302280-5852b417523f6Neeraj Phogat is a Civil Engineer and an Architect who is following his passion in writing. He covers all the interesting technological stories all around the globe to offer our readers an ample dose of tech news. Aka @captainTech

You can reach Neeraj via email at

Navin Verma – Author

9999Navin Verma is a senior content writer and a talented person in all the subjects. He is very good at conducting research and concludes them. He writes on useful educational topics all around the India. Aka @eduMaster

You can reach Navin Verma via email at