#BruceLeeTheFighter Exclusive interview -Gopimohan says Chiru cameo is best ever cameo role in Telugucinema

We have brought to a very interesting interview with Gopimohan where he revealed about bruceleethefighter and many other things which you will love to know about.


1.hi sir,how are you?
-> In a Fighting mood,just kidding.Excited about Bruce Lee The Fighter release.
2.how did you enjoy being part of Bruceleethefighter?
-> Its really a new experience for all of us working for Bruce Lee project.
For our Previous combination films we always lock a script content and improvise the script through out the making.
For this film,we almost went to shoot with a bound script including Megastar guest appearance sequence.Only two or three scenes in the second half were improvised while shooting.
Previously,We were keen on developing comedy  at every stage of the shooting.
But now we focussed on story elements more.
Hero character was treated like a boy next door attitude character.
As writers,We enjoyed the process of shaping Hero character.
Bruce Lee story revolves mainly around four characters – Son Ram Charan,Father Rao Ramesh,Sister Krithi Karbhandha & Ram Charan Lover Rakul Preeth.
Father & Son scenes were treated in a light hearted manner in the first half (Those scenes have influences of the scenes between Nirmalamma & Chiru in Gang Leader) and we gave a purposeful characters round off feel at the end of the film.Rao Ramesh did a great job as father.
Hero and his Sister scenes,treated in a very natural way & these scenes give a soul to the movie.
Hero and Rakul track generate some fun moments & this track is also an important one for the story progress.
I am also happy to be part of the film apart from the above characters,we have Arun Vijay playing a negative shade character.Sampath as a multi-millionaire businessman.Nadiya playing his wife.
Brahmanandam,Jaya Prakash Reddy,
Posani,Prithvi,Sapthagiri,Ali played important roles and generated fun throughout.
Few twists in the film will generate some curiosity & thrill the audience.
And finally, we are very much thrilled to write Megastar special appearance character in our film.
We all celebrated the day,when he agreed to do the role.
The audience will love his appearance.It’s an Highlight.
3.how is working with ramcharan?
-> Ramcharan give value to talented and hard working people.We always felt comfortable with him.
He believed us from the beginning of the project.He is really a fantastic hero to work with and  also he is a very good human being.As a person, he has a lot of balance & maturity.
We did our best to deliver a successful film.We both used our experience as writers and formatted the script with all entertaining elements.Also we took care to reach the expectations from sreenu vaitla,Ramcharan & our combination.
Our team,will sure work again with a pathbreaking script.
We are confident that Bruce Lee film success will give that energy to our combination.
4.how is working with sreenu vaitla again?
-> As a director,I always respect him.
He too like my talent & contribution in every script.
Bruce Lee is our 9 th film together.
As a director,he has good timing and good sync with us.We too enjoyed working with him for many super hit films.
He directed BruceLee with great dedication.He always had good timing in comedy.This time, he handled sentiment and emotional scenes also very well.You can expect much better films from him in future.
Liked the way he executed the film in this short span of time.Final Film output is very rich.Major Credit goes to Ram Charan,Sreenu Vaitla,Manoj Paramahamsa and DVV Dhanayya garu.
5.how is working with konavenkat together for bruceleethefighter?
-> Kona and me worked together for successful films Venky,
Dhee,Ready,King,Dookudu,Dhenikaina Ready,Krishna(partly),Adhurs
(partly),Baadshah,Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummedha,Alludu Seenu,Loukyam and working together for brucelee,soukhyam and dictataor etc.
Kona Venkat is like a big brother to me.He always in command and take care of my career too.
We have the very good understanding and coordination.
Kona garu and I always have many debates on various subjects.Finally, we always come with a good output.
If we both enjoy a subject in discussions then the output of the film is always positive.
Actually,we always wanted to deliver something new,but our bad luck is we were branded as commercial film writers.
The problem is those who direct creative & different films never rely on screenplay or story writers.They themselves write their stories.
Only commercial film directors hiring writers.
Either we have to direct our own subjects to prove our versatility or some creative director should hire us.
We are very confident that we can also deliver very different scripts in Telugu very soon.
Coming to Bruce Lee The Fighter,we both took it as a challenge to deliver a right content for Ram Charan & Sreenu Vaitla combination.Took all the necessary precautions in the script using our experience.We tried to serve the entertainment to All type of audience.
This time took care of Sentiment & emotions along with comedy.
This film hero has proper aim,target,goal to achieve.
The audience will surely hook to that.We designed hero character at a ground level.No false cinematic dialogues…no massy over do’s.Ram Charan did good justice to the character.
6.how excited you are when chiranjeevi is part of the film?
-> Very excited.
He will be an asset and highlight to our film.
He looks very young & you will feel the Gang leader Chiranjeevi look.
I can say confidently that it is the best Special appearance in Telugu Cinema.
I worked with all heroes except Mega family heroes.
It took almost 12 years for me to get a chance to Work with Mega Star

7.what is your feeling when seen both chiru-charan onscreen after longgap?

-> Thrilling.You have to wait till 16 th Oct to feel what i mean.

8.Tell about how is working with rakulpreet singh for this movie?

-> We already worked for Loukyam.She has great future & she looks stunning in Bruce Lee.
Particularly she looks too glamorous in Ley Chalo song & in Bruce Lee Song.
She will reach to top position soon.
9.how did you enjoy the music of this album?
-> Ley Chalo is my favorite.
Run song ,Riya riya songs also attracted me.Mega metre too has foot tapping music.
It’s a super hit album.Thaman did with great dedication.
10.at what locations movie picturised?
-> Majorly in Hyderabad.
Few portions in Bangkok.
2 Songs in Europe.
11.did you watched Ramcharan dances fully?if yes,how was it?
– > Yes,i saw all songs .He did amazing dance,Particularly Run song & Bruce Lee song are too good.
In Mega Metre he  maintained that energy.In Ley Chalo & Riya Riya he did classy signature movements
12.Tell about how is working with producer?
-> Worked with him for Dubai Seenu film and he is a smiling and good producer.He values technicians a lot.
He is very confident of Bruce Lee Film success.He saw full film and he is very much excited.
13.share one best moment during bruceleethefighter?
-> There are two Best moments actually.one is watching Megastar in action and the other one is Shah Rukh khan visited our song sets.I am a big fan of him.I am fortunate to be there at that time.Took a photograph of him too.



14.finally do you have anything to say for the audience?
-> Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.
We will try our best to entertain them in future too.


That’s how the interview ended.We thank gopi Mohan for such a nice interview where he revealed so many facts and hope he will entertain the Telugu audience in future as well.


We hope all of our readers have enjoyed knowing many interesting facts which were shared by gopi Mohan.


Get ready to meet
Bruceleethefighter tomorrow in your nearest theatre.

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