Cinedabba interview with harish shankar

we have brought up a personal interview with some interesting questions with harish shankar who is currently enjoying the success of subrahmanyam for sale.


How challenging is your job?

I never ever felt My job is challenging Because it’s always fun to do which you always wanted to do as they say when you love your work u don’t feel it as a job anymore

what are your hobbies?

I listen to Ilayaraaja songs and Kishor Kumar songs a lot  and i am a gadget freak  and also I love to know more about technology, I enjoy travelling and a pure vegetarian.


your inspiration to enter this field?

My inspirations are EVV Satyanarayana , Shankar


favourite heroes?

Amitab Bachan Shahrukh Khan

who is best director in tollywood industry other than you?

I don’t think i am a best director, SS Rajamouli is THE BEST.

who is your favourite music director?

Ilayaraaja sir is my favourite music director.


how you feel when film is success?

Success of the film is very precious. Doing with Upcoming Star and Scoring this big success is Thrilling and also

Success comes with Lot of responsibility and Financial upgrades which leads to more and more responsibilities


how you feel when film is failure?

We learn a lot from Failure we can ignore success but we can’t ignore failures

how is response for subramnyam for sale?

it was more than what i have expected.


we congratulate harish shankar for recent success with subrahmanayam for sale and also thank him for interview.

we hope our readers enjoyed knowing some interesting things from director harish shankar.

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