Different genres entering Telugu film industry

Everytime so many people used to claim that telugu movies wont change i.e they believe that only commercial movies with fights,comedy,hero elevation movies only exist in Tfi But trending is changing so many movies are coming with different genres like Bahubali,one of the greatest films which told that a regional movie can shake indian box office.


There are two upcoming movies which are creating curiousity among the movie lovers i.e kanche and taskara.

The movie kanche starring varuntej directed by krish has received good response for trailers and also praises from top stars like mahesh babu.The movie was a new genre with worldwar back drop which is never seen in tfi history.

Another film is Taskara,a new movie with new cast i.e it is first┬áNeo Noir – Geopolitical – Cyber Heist -Thriller which is creating curiousity among movie lovers with 1.5lakh views for a new movie with new cast.This movie genre is claimed to be first movie of this type in indian history.

check trailer below



Final word by cinedabba: Even though if  the genre of movie was new it may not run well if there is no interesting subject and at same time regular commercial formulas also do well when subject is interesting and entertaining i.e finally we want to say that irrespective of genre if any movie has good elements with interesting story and entertaining values then only movie may succeed.


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