Exclusive interview of Gopimohan about Soukyam Movie

Hello everyone, Today we have brought to you a nice interview with writer Gopimohan who is turning into director very soon.He recently worked for Soukyam movie and he shares his experiences with the film as follows below.

1.Hi sir, how are you?

-> Fine

2.How is working experience with Gopichand?

->It is always a pleasure working with him and He never behave like a star, he is a Very good person. I worked with him as a screenplay writer for Lakshyam, Loukyam and now for Soukyam films.The previous two films were his best films in his career and I am also confident of Soukyam film Success.

3.Tell about the heroine of this film?

->Regina is a good talented actress.She did a good job in Soukyam. Her looks are pretty in this film and she delivered a good performance. The family audience will love her in this film.

4.How is working experience with the director of this film?

->This is our first film with A.S.Ravikumar Chowdhary garu. Sreenu Vaitla garu, Vinayak garu, Nageswar Reddy garu are his Colleagues when they worked with Sagar garu. I worked with the above directors & it’s nice to work with their colleague as well. I liked his Yagnam and Pilla nuvvu leni jeevitham films.He has good story sense. A positive person.He has full conviction & grip on his work.He works with clarity.He did good justice to Soukyam script.

5.cinematography looks very rich in songs, tell about cinematographer of this film?

->I know Cinematographer Prasad Murella from Sambaram film time.I told about his work to Atluri Purna Chandra Rao garu & Sreenu Vaitla garu.They later enquired with Artiste Benerjee, who worked for Sambaram film and finalized him as the cinematographer of Venky Film. We both worked together for Sreenu Vaitla Hit films Venky, Dhee, Ready, King, Namo Venkatesa, Dookudu films. After a gap, we are again working for this film Soukyam. He is a hard worker & noncontroversial person. He is a producers cameraman and also a good technician.He understands the content and according to that only he will design his lighting pattern & Color schemes.

6.prudhvi Raj as Baahubali has attracted the audience, tell about his character?

-> prudhvi acted in almost all our films. He did a small character who uses “Keka” word for every expression in Dhee. Later that word became very popular. Later he did a negative henchman character in Dubai Seenu,70 yrs old character in Ready, Sadistic Nri character in Namo Venkatesa and as a movie hero in Dookudu & Loukyam. He got great roles in Writer Sreedhar Seepana films.He got a good name for Poolarangadu, Aha Naa Pellanta, Bhimavaram Bullodu, Loukyam, James bond films. He will get a very good name for our Soukyam film too. People will enjoy his entry in the film.Prudhvi, Krishna Bhagavan, Jyothi, Apoorva gang will tickle you from their entry onwards.

7.Share your working experience with this film?

->Bhavya Creations banner is like our home banner.They are family to us. I know Executive Producer Anne Ravi garu from long time i.e almost from past 15 years. I even know Anand Prasad garu from past few years.we worked for the first time in his banner for Loukyam film. He values technician a lot. Both Anne Ravi garu & Anand Prasad garu gave me offer to direct a film in their banner anytime. Anand Prasad garu is such a lovable person & such a great human being. He is a great devotional person too. I admire him and respect him for many good qualities in him. Anne Ravi is like a brother to me.They both treat our writers like their own family. That’s why we take special care on their script work. Soukyam will become another jewel in their crown. Everybody worked hard for their success. Audio function is a great success in Ongole. Planning such a grand function in public is not an ordinary thing. The entire credit goes to Both Anand Prasad garu & Anne Ravi. They do films in control budget & they plan the good release and promote well and that’s what they did for Loukyam film too which helped to attain huge success for loukyam. For loukyam, they did audio function in Vijayawada public. They planned a success function grandly in Khammam & Vizag.After release, they toured entire Telangana, Ceded and Andhra theaters with hero & unit.They did 50 days function in Bramaramba theater. Publicity & Promotion is also one of the key things for Bhavya Creations success. They are also planning to do the best for Soukyam film too.

8.Finally, what can the audience expect from this film?

->Entertainment. Hero Gopichand looks glamorous in this film. His scenes With Regina, Posani, Dr. Sudharshan rocks. Sivaji Raja, m.Surekha vani scenes are also good. Villains Pradeep Rawat, Devan delivered their best. Mukhesh Rishi played a very important key character in this film.Raghu Babu, Satya Krishna Characters deliver good fun.Prudhvi Raj, Krishna Bhagavan, Jyothi, Apoorva, Pragathi, Jeeva, Jayaprakash Reddy, Adhurs Raghu, Saptagiri, Ramachandra, Tarzan played very good characters. Brahmanandam gari role is a special role in this film. Our story writer Sreedhar Seepana did his best to deliver a good story for Soukyam. He is the main person for Loukyam success. He designed every scene and every character very well & with great comedy. We, with our experience, did our best to enhance the scenes & characterization to next level. You can expect a clean family entertainment from Bhavya arts banner Soukyam film. Hilarious comedy is there throughout the film.Nice family scenes, Thrilling action sequences, Tickling youthful scenes & good emotional scenes between father & son are added attraction. Anup delivered a good music. Watch it for wholesome entertainment.

So thus we hope you enjoyed reading this interview and we thank Gopimohan for the Interview.

Soukyam movie is releasing on December 24th grandly, so watch it in theaters.

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