Taskara Movie interview with cinedabba

check out the interview of Kiriti Rambhatla (Hero) about the Taskara Movie.

1) How and When has Taskara Movie Started?

The movie began when the producers wanted to make a cutting-edge film with a never before seen plot in Telugu movies. We then researched a lot in the field of economics and hacking and started the movie in late 2014 and finished the shooting in April 2015.

2) About the VFX of the movie?

The VFX supervision of this movie is done by Mr. Himanshu Sahni who previously worked in big VFX studios like FIREFLY and worked on Bollywood films like “BHAG MILKHA BHAG”.For a small budget movie, TASKARA has over 600 VFX shots which are an achievement in itself.

3) About the director of this movie?

LME wanted to make sure the movie received special treatment and hence, 3 directors were used for the movie who have all been credited, Srikanth, Chandra Sekhar and Srihari Kuchipudi.

4) About the subject of the movie?


5) About the production values of the film?

It is a well-made film with a restricted budget and decent production values.

6) About the cast of the film?

The film has veteran actors like Srinivas Govind and Sampath Raj who both did TV and movies before. The heroine of the movie is Nesa, a foreigner.

7) Release Delay and postpone proved to be luck?

Yes, Sir, we were hoping to release the movie earlier on December 19, but we couldn’t due to nonavailability of theaters. But it proved to be lucky as we are now releasing on January 8 with more screens than expected.

8) Finally, what should the audience expect from the movie?

A very intelligent and gripping thriller

9) Run Time of the movie?

100 minutes with Clean U certificate

so thus, the interview was finished.The movie was releasing Tomorrow and don’t miss this intelligent and gripping thriller which was first of its kind genre in Telugu cinema.

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