TASKARA Movie preview: Genius Mix of Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

TASKARA Movie preview : –

There are movies that come with big TAG lines.  Some deliver and most end up as damp squibs. However, once in a while comes that movie which not only shocks us but also gets us to think with its content & theme.  TASKARA is one such Telugu movie which has dared to handle complex subjects like Economics, Politics and Hacking in its central theme.


TASKARA is the story of a mysterious hacker who steals 10 trillion (you read it right) rupees from the financial system of India. Is it really possible? Does the RBI (cleverly rebranded as Republican Bank of India) hold that kind of money? We have to watch it to know it. But at a special media screening in April , the media houses were shown exclusive footage from the movie which sets the tone of the movie brilliantly. For a movie made under $250,000 the movie has decent making standards.


The tone of the movie is set when the mystery guy hacks into RBI network. A high level delegation is called to understand the nature of the crime. But who is this hacker and why he and how he cracked into RBI forms the central plot of this movie. We highly recommend this movie to telugu movie lovers who are looking for fresh subjects and different movies.


If Baahubali has shown the potential of Telugu movies worldwide in terms of revenue generation and grandeur, TASKARA is a clear example of coming off age Telugu cinema that can handle international level themes and concepts. Definitely worth your time and a sure shot addition to your DVD or blu ray collection. Could well be termed as India’s answer to “Argo” kind of films. Hope TASKARA kick starts the multiplex revolution in Telugu film industry and we recommend watching it in theaters as the movie release tomorrow.

The above is the preview talk of the movie and we need to wait and see whether movie matches upto the preview talk or not.we will update the review tomorrow after movie releases.





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