Janatha Garage Area Wise Profit and loss until now

Janatha garage collected 64.5 crores worldwide share, here we are bringing how much janatha garage recovered until now in different areas compared to pre-release business it did at Box office.


Janatha Garage pre-release business

Nizam 15.3cr Ceded 9 UA 5.12 East 4.23 West 3.5 Krishna 3.7 Guntur 4.65 Cr Nellore 2.34 Cr

Janatha garage collections until 8days

Nizam:14.94cr Vizag 5.60 West 3.40 East 3.93 Cedeed:8.67 Krishna:3.54 Guntur: 4.75 Nellore:1.72

The film entered profit in Uttrandra and Guntur as of now, it needs to reach breakeven in most of the areas, anyway in long run it has scope to reach breakeven in all areas as already almost the collections are near to pre-release business in every area. so lets wait and see.

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