Janatha Garage, Sarrainodu and others Fake Collections ? – True Story

It’s Been a While since few film releases, many are talking about fake collections especially because earlier Any Big Hero movies range is only 40crores but these days as Big Heroes films crossing 50crores share easily even if the film was not so good, it is raising many doubts. So In order to share our feelings we are writing this.

This Fake collections Talking raised more when Sarrainodu collected 75crores Worldwide share because Allu Arjun’s previous Best is RaceGurram with 59crores share, especially sarrainodu received mixed talk and scoring 75crores doubted many.

So here are the reasons

Actually Allu Arjun’s Range was increased and he is maintaining minimum 50crores share for his films earlier.

While coming to Sarrainodu time, it was evident that the Tickets rates were hiked in first 3days ( i.e for any recent releases) is one of the reason for Good collections.

It released in Summer which is other reason to perform well at Box office.

No other summer releases are Good and also as Sarrainodu was a typical mass film is another reason for collections.

Finally, 75crores share is really unbelievable. Producers or other who work will definitely release some Hiked collections to make people believe it doing well. Anyway, this Hike also will be in Range of maximum 10-20% only and So Sarrainodu originally might collect 65crores if we consider Allu Arjun’s range, ticket hikes, no competition.

Coming to Janatha Garage, as the film collected never before collections for Jr.Ntr film same thing about collections are discussed here again.

The Reasons why Janatha Garage did well is

The film released in many screens which is said to be career Biggest release

Holidays are other reason

Even this film also is a Typical commercial one which is most liked by masses.

The same thing repeats here i.e the producers or the one who release collections might increase 10-20% inorder to show film is doing well.

Finally, as far as a Close observer we believe that for any film if the collections are faked, the Fake collections will be maximum around 10-20% only. Its not only for Sarrainodu or Janatha Garage, if one practices something the others might also follow. finally the thing is even if any film’s collections are faked, they can be between 10-20% max as per our observer.

Only the producer, Distributor and Investors will know the Actual collections.

Note: This is just a personal opinion as a Observer but dont guarantee any truth in it.

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  • September 9, 2016 at 04:20

    I don’t think this movie collected more than 39



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