Janatha Garage USA latest collections

Janatha Garage was doing well in Both Domestic and overseas market. The film collected $1.23 Million until Saturday, it was reported that film can rake $200k-$300k today making it touch anywhere between $1.45-$1.55 Million collections.


As 55% of Share will be taken into account if film is above $1 Million then Janatha Garage collections will be around $800k which means around 5.32 crores share. This is really a Good collections from the film, luckily the well planned release is really helping a lot for the movie.

If it manages to do well in coming weeks, it can go above $2 Million and even can beat Nannaku prematho USA Collections of $2.05 Million and remain as Jr.Ntr’s Carrer Best film at USA Box office in terms of collections.

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