Khaidi No 150 Chiranjeevi Stamina revealed All Time Top 2 Overseas Rights

Megastar is King is Cinema whether anyone agree or not because he ruled the Industry almost 20+ years. Especially his main asset is his Dance, while coming to acting he is very good at comedy and over all he has his typical style in acting which made him Megastar. He is returning with Khaidi No 150, everyone thought his return at this time may not create much impact at Box office but he proved it wrong.




The overseas Theatrical rights of Khaidi No 150 sold for 13.5 crores which isĀ all Time Top 2 Record after baahubali, even though he has taken 8 years of gap his craze is not Down in films. His performance in Brucelee is an example of how his presence on screen creates a Magic even now and hence Khaidi No 150 is creating more curisoity among the audience. The promos of the film will start from November onwards and film release for January 13th, 2017.

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