Why Koratala Siva is Right about Critics Reviews on Janatha Garage

It was known news that Koratala Siva blamed Critics for their poor choice of reviewing the films, without taking audience opinion into consideration. So is Koratala Siva Right in blaming Critics ?

First of all, coming to Janatha Garage, Frankly the film is a Watchable one if not spectacular. Over all it is an Above Average flick.



Now coming to Koratala comments on Critics, he is absolutely¬†Right i.e These days Reviews have become a part of Movie lovers and they are interested in knowing about a film. So the Reviewers who watch the film 90% of the times will write badly about a movie i.e In every film there will be coincidence and old stuff, it was common and everyone knows. So instead of Saying the opinion in a Lighter manner which should benefit the film, they lashes out at a film if it fails to meet their expectations. This is really a Thinkable point for all Reviewers i.e they should review a film in a light hearted manner and Support movies which are produced ¬†with crores of money, atleast they shouldn’t write badly if the movie was a ok watch.

Actually Several people in Industry also has same opinion on reviewers as they are giving rating and analysing a film like anything but most of them are not interested in saying their opinion because they are worried about commenting against media will attack them more, But as Koratala Siva scored a Hit with Janatha Garage collecting 72.1 crores, he said his opinion frankly.

However, Let’s hope those reviewers will change and try to express a review in a Light Hearted manner instead of Attacking a film if its Bad.

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