How much Janatha Garage collect in its final run ?

Jr.Ntr’s Janatha Garage opened up to superb openings worldwide on day 1 with 28.8 crores, while the second day was also good with 7.7 crores making Total of 36.5 crores in its 2days run at Worldwide Box office. As today, tomorrow is weekend and also Monday being Holiday, the film can easily make 4crores each on these days making it 48crores Worlwide share in its first weekend (5days).



Then later, it depends on how well the audience receive. Based on the audience response from later, the film can collect anywhere between 55-65 crores in its worldwide run as per Trade experts. If the response from audience is too good and also as there is no big release until next month, if luck favours the film can collect even more than 65+ crores worldwide share.

Finally,it was confirmed that film will easily beat Jr.Ntr’s Naanaku Prematho Final run collections of 54crores and Remain as Jr.Ntr’s Career Best film in terms of collections.

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