Ram Gopal Varma saying he is better singer than Pawan kalyan ?

Ram Gopal varma is there to say his opinions via his tweets these days, Pawan kalyan sang a song in Kakinada meet, now Ram gopal varma released a song and asking all of people to vote for who is best singer between him and pawan kalyan ?

Pawan Kalyan, Image Credits : Renu Desai's twitter
Pawan Kalyan, Image Credits : Renu Desai’s twitter

As of writing this post, pawan kalyan a head of result with 52% votes. Even though Ram gopal varma was silly enough in creating these kind of things, as far as a close obersever of both, pawan kalyan and Ram gopal varma are Good singers i.e Ram Gopal varma songs from his earlier films and also pawan sang couple of songs for his films which received superb response. So no need of this voting system as Both won accolades from people but still Ram Gopal varma somehow interested in knowing the Result.

check Ram gopal varma song below



check pawan song below

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