Aapalenu brother cheppanu brother Allu Arjun saidharamtej who’s correct ?

A long back ago,Allu Arjun told chepanu brother when ask to say powerstar and that went on big controversy.After that what alluarjun explained is a perfect answer which will satisfy those who think logically.Now,again yesterday in Thikka audio launch,when people asked to say powerstar then saidharamtej said Aapalenubrother (which is just coincidence) in his speech claiming that megastar,powerstar and megapowerstar are behind him for his success today.

So,again this Aapalenubrother hashtag was came into light,now after observing everything Allu Arjun is correct when he said chepanu brother because what he explained later was true and coming to this aapalenubrother,sai dharam tej wants to make his fans satisfy and so coincidentally he used aapalenu brother and shouted saying powerstar.He is also not wrong.

Finally,everyone should understand that Megastar is reason behind all the heroes who are enjoying a successful track.so creating these kind of unnecessary controversies are not good.Not only about this,even all Heroes enjoy with others but silly fans don’t recognise it and hence these type of things should be stopped.

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