actor nikhil is great promoter of his movies

young hero nikhil siddarth upcoming movie is sankarbaranam starring nanditha in female lead.Coming to actor nikhil,he is fantastic promoter and he is doing some good promotions since his last movies.His promotions will definite have impact on collections atleast there will be a little increase in collections due to his good promotions.rarely we see actors doing promotions but nikhil is doing good job which will help him reach to more audiences as well as help the producers.


so now nikhil has started promotions for sankarabranam as well and he shared the above pic referring that

“Pic from Shivani College 2day. Super funn… Who said gals can’t make a noise ”

So it was a good thing from actor nikhil doing such promotions and meanwhile the movie is gearing up for release on december4th.

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