Akhil first weekend total collections

Akhil who has debuted with akhil film was released this nov11th and here is Akhil first weekend total collections which are 17crores in 5days.

if we consider a debut hero,it was good collections but if we consider the budget of movie which is above 40cr+ is not good.so the lesson for any debuthero is to make a film under 15 to 20crores budget,so even if movie did not reach the audience expectations.it will easily collect that amount and be safe.


Even though akhil movie was ok,audience expected even more and that too with high budget in film but finally it was not a great weekend for akhil and we need to see how far it can go in the long run.so from next time onwards if film made in normal budget,akhil will win status of either hit or superhit but if movie made with big budget and if it doesnt reach audience means the result will be bad.so better atleast from next time akhil need to keep in mind.

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