arvindkrishna untitled movie details

arvindkrishna upcoming movie was not yet titled but it was used to call as saradhi,empty.The movie trailer which released on youtube has received enormous response and arvind krishna is taking this movie as a serious one.


he has shared about the movie as follows ”

Greetings to all my well wishers and more importantly to all those that are waiting for Saaradhi/Empty/Untitled!

What should have finished months ago got delayed due to my injuries. Initially I had a bicep tear whilst shooting and then was off for a few months and then right when I got back had another unfortunate incident wherein I fractured my wrist, elbow, shoulder and ribs.

Now, months later, we are going to start our last schedule tomorrow. I am excited that I will be back to shooting after such a gap! And more so because this will be my first movie wherein I’ve really decided to be involved in many ways.

Wish us luck and shall keep you all posted. Much love.”

Definitely since we saw the trailer,we been waiting for this film.

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