Balakrishna Dictator review

Balakrishna Dictator review : –

Starring :Balakrishna,Anjali,sonal chauhan
Music director : Thaman
Director : sriwass
Produced by Eros International / Vedhaaswa Creations
About the movie : This film is Balakrishna’s 99th film and since the beginning of the project there is lot of hype around the project.Finally dictator arrives today.
dictator telugu movie review
Movie  highlights : –
Balakrishna performance and punch dialogues, balayya mark dances.
commercial elements
comedy at parts
good production values
Background music
Film analysis : – Dictator is a good commercial entertainer where there are all ingredients like comedy,dance,fights,dialogues . Balayya babu once again entertains with his trade mark dialogues,steps and performance. Anjali has performed decently.All other characters in the film did their job well.Director sriwass did well with mix of commercial elements but if he elevates the movie more it would have better.Over all the film was good.As audience like commercial elements,this film can go well with audience.
Final word : – Dictator is completely Balayya’s film where you can enjoy Balayya mark performance and at same time with good mix of commercial elements.
 Rating – 3/5

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