can akhil collect 50cr with debut film?

Akhil akkineni who is debuting with his film akhil is getting ready for release on nov11th and its still 5days to go for release.already the promotions are in a full swing and on nov8th,there is platinum disc function.


There is huge expectations on akhil debut film and also the budget of the movie is said to be also high and now considering the budget,all are expecting whether akhil can collect 50cr or not? but if the movie can get a good talk from day one onwards,its nodoubt that akhil can collect 50cr in long run as we know that only akhil is the film releasing on nov11th and there is no big competition from direct telugu movies and also bengaltiger and sankarabaranam are next big telugu movies,so until they release akhil can enjoy the boxoffice letus wait and see what akhil does once after film releases.

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