Can kanche be commercial hit?

The kanche movie which released this thursday.due to many movies like brucelee,rudhramadevi,rgg,columbus there is no big release for kanche but the movie is doing well in the released centers and 1stday it collected 2crores and it is said that day2 and 3 also has done good business.


But the movie was made with 20+budget and it seems like it can collect 9crores ww in 1st weekend but from monday onwards how will be the movie should be known and it need to do well until 2weeks to recover the amount.


If kanche like films were made commercial hit then film lovers are great but if they did not make it commercial hit then it will be audience fault because what a great movie it is and if you cant understand its greatness and dont support it then it is once again proven that audience dont have guts to accept different and great movie.

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