Don’t expect more from Kabali

Kabali movie was releasing in few more days.The expectations are huge on the film but it was known that if you over expect from the film then there are chances of Disappointment but kabali have a good story which carry the emotions and also have commercial elements.Rajinikanth’s 20minutes don role will be feast for the audience and one of the highlights of the film.


Santhosh Narayanan back ground music will haunt you even after you came from the Theaters and Another Highlight is Nerrupu da song which will give immense joy in terms of visuals and also the music.Over all,Kabali is a normal film which has Good story along with commercial elements.As per the latest buzz,if everything goes well Kabali can be termed as Hit to Blockbuster on how well the audience received the film.Finally,let’s wait and see what happens in a few more days.

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