Exclusive Interview of Taskara Movie with Cinedabba

Taskara is of genre :Neo Noir – Geopolitical – Cyber Heist -Thriller which is first time attempted by new comer’s Starring: Kiriti , Nesa , Sampath Raj, Srinivas Govind.


Now check the exclusive interview of kiriti who acts as main lead of the film with cinedabba

1.when and how this project started?

Project started after 1 year research work on Economic system of this world. Research included interviews with bank employees, professors etc.

2.tell about vfx?

VFX design was done by himanshu sahni who earlier worked for Bollywood movie Bhag Milkha Bhag .
3.I think this subject is new to tfi?

This subject is not only new to TFI but entire Indian film industry. On the economic and financial system of this world and hacking.

4.tell about director ?

Movie was handled by a directorial team of Libra media. 3 directors handled the movie – Chandu , Sri Hari & Harsha.
5.tell about production values?

Movie shot in India and parts of it abroad. Production values are upto the script and well maintained.
6.tell about other important cast?

Sampath Raj , Srinivas Govind who played important character roles in telugu movies are playing important roles in the movie.
7.what can audience expect from movie ?

A very well researched , tight screenplay and thrilling experience from the movie .


Taskara is hitting the theaters tomorrow.please do watch the movie which has brought a new genre to tollywood industry.

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