Great hardwork and passion behind what sudheer Babu Today

Sudheer Babu who has scored a good hit with Bhale Manchi Roju has yesterday he particpated in Ktuc with Pradeep Machiraju where he shared some real truths which are as follows.

Sudheer babu described that there are no producers coming forward when he wants to do his first film,then he himself contacted all his friends and thus collected small amounts from each which helped to make the film.But at a situation,There need to be done a scene where people eat icecreams then he did not have rs.250 to pay for those icecreams.However it was managed.He even described that he dont have money to pay the bill for tea boy i.e rs.600 bill need to pay for him,he then gave rs.2,50,000 watch which his uncle Superstar krishna gifted him assuring that he will take this back after paying the due amount.

So that is the hardwork and passion of sudheer babu which made him to stand in this position as a good hero in tollywood today,So never just think that a hero coming from big family no need to do hardwork i.e may be there are few heroes whom shouldnot require much hardwork to survive.


So thus sudheer babu is very passionate and its really his dedication has made him today to stand as a decent hero.

Hope sudheer babu continues to do well with his future films.

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