Is sukumar decision of quiting Direction right?

Sukumar is one of the top directors in Tollywood rather than director he is innovative writer where he presented different characterisation for hero in film like aarya2 and most part of his films will have innovative ideas like Titles of the film.


Now this innovative writer says to quit direction after two movies.He says that he was unable to do justice for his writing work and he is happy to be a producer from now onwards.

All those who known this are shocked as why Sukumar need to quit direction even though he is in top position ? Even if Sukumar settle as a writer,he may not get recognition much when compared to the director.


Anyway, sukumar is happy for what he did in direction now,he likes writing well rather than direction which made to take this decision.


Coming to our opinion,there will be a lot of task for a director which is really not so easy to handle.At the same time, some people like to spend more time with their family and want to enjoy other life i.e Sukumar already proved his mark in direction and he succeeded ,so maybe now he wants to spend time for other things in his life and at the same time happy to be a writer and producer.But for the audience,it will be a little disappointment.

Anyway, sukumar mark will be still seen in his writing.


Finally, Sukumar is a unique director and writer who shown the variety for which Sukumar works remembered forever.

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