Kabali proves Rajinikanth’s Box office stamina

Kabali film opened up with mixed response,as the teaser was extraordinary people expected the film to be a full of Heroism elevation one but the director made the film as a Emotional Gangster film.Even though so many complained about slow pace of the film,some are liking it who have gone with open mind without expecting commercial drama.


So many thought,the talk will effect the film’s Box office performance but rather than that Kabali proved Rajinikanth Box office stamina.The response for the film in opening weekend in overseas is ultimate,even in India the film did extremely well.Over all,the movie collected 135crores share in 4days which shows that what is Rajinikanth’s Box office stamina despite the talk was not positive.Anyway,lets hope every film should make Tollywood or other industry to expand its market which help in bringing High budget films.

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