Kabali songs – Gunde Ninda Yenno ,Kalavani O Nadhi songs in repeated mode since yesterday

Before the release of kabali,only one song is to be good which is Nippura song but since yesterday after watching the film two pleasant melody songs are haunting.Those two are Gunde Ninda Yenno ,Kalavani O Nadhi in repeated mode since yesterday evening.Handsoff to music director Santhosh Narayanan for wonder music in the film.


Actually,kabali songs and the movie has unrecognised deep feeling which everyone fails to understand in over hype and Gangster based story but the director Pa.Ranjith want to make the film with lot of feel but when people expecting fast paced and heroism elevation scenes,they are not in a stage to enjoy the feel which he want to convey.Anyway,the songs are amazing and sorry to not recognise them before.if you want to listen can check below.

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