Nagarjuna says Records are just numbers

Soggade chinni nayana is the recent movie of Nagarjuna,the movie was running successfully and nagarjuna has spoken about records which is as follows.


“Records are just numbers. I don’t take them seriously. If I take my own films like Shiva and Ninne Pelladutha, they would have collected much more than my recent films if you take the inflation into consideration. Having said that, it’s true that Soggade Chinni Nayana’s box-office collections have surpassed those of Manam’s in several areas in less than three days. But more that, I think our biggest record so far is drawing crowds in such large numbers from all over “.


Yes,there is no need to consider records rather better to provide good entertaining films and at same time all those films which scored industry hit are not great films i.e there are several films which are better than them but depending on the time , Heros image and cast of the film might help those films to achieve industry hits.So finally its good that SCN is doing very well.we need to wait and see how far it goes.

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