Panjab University plan to reorganize the Hostel fee structure

Panjab University reforming hostel's fee structures (Image credits:
Panjab University reforming hostel’s fee structures (Image credits:

Dean Student Welfare (DSW) of the Panjab University (PU) met for some improvements in the hostel fees. A proposal in this regard was raised that the students residing in the hostels will pay now two half-yearly fees installment than existing one in each quarter.

The hostel fees will be parted into three heads 1. Hostel fund charges 2. Mess Fund charges 3. Head for fee fund & fines that include room rent charges, development fees, Water, repair & maintenance charges. Hostel charges and mess fund charges will be payable in each semester, that comes to INR 5,680. Whereas, there will be no change in third head.

PU has increased development fee fund from INR 300 to INR 750 per semester. But the students end up paying less as fees of other heads have been reduced for balancing out the total amount. The electricity charges have been increased by INR 20 per month, but the cost of Laptop and desktop usage is waived. There is no radical difference that will pinch student’s pockets, as informed by Dean’s office.

International hostel students now should pay INR 1000 for INR 440 they were paying for the celebration charges. Their electricity charges are reduced by INR 1000. Ph.D., M Phil and M Tech students can stay in the hostel for 18-months than existing 15-months.

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