When I leave acting, I will continue to write- Pawan Kalyan

Anupam Chopra previously did interviews with Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Shahrukh khan, Salman khan, Aamir khan.

Highlights of Interview with Pawan Kalyan by Anupam Chopra forĀ Film Companion Program.




“I am an accidental actor. I actually wanted to be a farmer”
“I say so many big lines in films.Then how come I don’t follow through in real life?This bothered me.Choked me.”
“My entering politics was because I wanted to find my voice in real life as well”
“Films is not everything. Life is bigger than films.”

“Expressing is more important to me. More important than anything else. I want to be true to myself”

“In real life we all have shades of grey but I cannot play a bad guy. I don’t think I am such a good actor.”

“I keep reaching out to everyone for inputs but very difficult to get an honest opinion”

“During the lull people thought I was not working hard but that is not true”

“It is so tiring 2 make an Indian film.We want everything & that 2 in the right proportion.I go crazy”

“When I am not shooting, I read like a beast & grow my bread”

I deeply care about the law & order situation. I want it to become better.”

“I used to drive myself crazy thinking why can’t I be a normal star? Why do I have to think this way? But I am wired this way”

“I am focusing on films right now because I have to do films to sustain myself. But in a few years, I will give it up.”

“Politics is like a Pandora’s box. I cannot stop listening to my inner voice. Once I get into politics, I will leave films”

“When I leave acting, I will continue to write. I enjoy writing.”

“Do your duty and disappear is my mantra! I don’t think about anything beyond that”




The video will be telecasted soon in film companion youtube channel stay tuned.

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