‘People’s King’ Pawan Kalyan won’t step back and he is still in Working Mode

Pawan Kalyan pic during his party launch, Image Credits : PR

There were several Speculations that Pawan Kalyan started his Party for his sake and hence he is not questioning the BJP on Special Status, But he put an end to all those speculations in a Public Meet held at Tirupathi.

He assured people that he would fight for Special Status for SeemaAndhra and also given an Extraordinary Speech which is filled out with his Agenda and his feelings. After ‘Janasena’ Opening Speech, this was another Great Speech by Pawan Kalyan which makes you stick to your Tv’s. The reason behind this is Whatever he speaks has a meaning and a Truth and hence Anyone Agree or Doesn’t Agree, He is a True Human Being first which is why if you rewind back the life of Pawan Kalyan, there will be several Good things he did which show his Humanity.

Finally, If there any hopes that there can be better Governing for people, it is one and Only Pawan Kalyan. Usually, He is called as Pk – from now onwards he is ‘People’s King’ whether anyone agreed to it or not, he is there to fight for the people only.

Watch Full Speech below

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