Rudhramadevi is safe venture?

Rudhramadevi which has released this friday is going well because the movie 3d effects are applauded and as there will be very few people who might have watched a 3d film in Tfi,rudhramadevi will be seen by those people to experience the 3d effect and the only worry thing for rudhramadevi is bruceleethefighter which is releasing on oct16th,actually if big films have decent gap of atleast two weeks would be better but no problem for rudhramadevi until the holiday season ends as everybody know that rudhramadevi like films are unique and even though if there are other films,rudhramadevi will also be watched by them atleast once and hence until the dussera season ends rudhramadevi can do well at box office,going by current trend rudhramadevi can collect 50crores by end of the first week worldwide collections,so that was almost a safe amount.


As it was said that 80crores were spent it can easily get 65 crores from theatrical run and remaining can be get with theatrical rights and other rights.


So that is why gunashekar is safe and the visual effects of movie are really extraordinary along with costumes,atleast for these you need to watch film.

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