Sardaar Gabbar Singh has done a superb worldwide pre-release business

“Sardaar Gabbar Singh” Starring Pawan Kalyan was released tomorrow.The movie is having high expectations among the audience after watching the promo videos of “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” which have attracted the attention of the audience big time.

The movie has done an excellent worldwide pre-release business of 108 crores and remained as All Time Top 2nd in Telugu Cinema pre-release Business.In these days,it was very difficult to collect 100 crores at Box office but “Sardaar Gabbar Singh” has done a 108 crores pre-release which really shows that how much expectations the Buyers are having on the film.The buyers have bought the film for heavy prices considering the craze of the film and also expecting that it will easily cross 100 crores at Box office.Even the first-day release was planned grandly where it can easily collect 25 to 30 crores on the first day of its release worldwide which will be a Good start for the film.

The movie’s Box office performance will completely depend upon the talk of the film.If the talk is positive then there is no doubt in this film collecting 100 crores at Box office but if the talk was bad then it may not reach the target of 100 crores.

Finally,it was jut a few hours for the movie release and then we can know about the movie talk among the audience.

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