Seems like likes craze started #vedalam

we recently seen puli movie has done hulchul with most liked indian trailer ever and now it seems like “This likes of trailers” craze has been started and the reason is recently released teaser of vedalam has gone never before likes i.e it has crossed 86k likes already with 8lakh views.



The surprise is prem ratan dhan payo trailer which released and got applauded by audience  has crossed 1crore views but it got only 82k likes.




so this means the fans of ajith want to show the power of their hero by beating vijays puli movie trailer record and hence they showed their love with such huge likes for only 8lakh the likes craze has been started now.



note: we request all hero fans to not fight for these records and maintain healthy relationships and should finally enjoy the movie irrespective of hero.




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