Special article on director maruthi

Director maruthi was a normal person when he started Eerojulu and now today he is one of the successful tollywood directors with films like Eerojulo,busstop,premakathachitram and bhalebhale magadivoi.


With first two films i.e Eerojulo and busstop,he got some bad name as boothu director But what we feel is director maruthi has done nothing wrong and he has shown what was actually happening in the society with both those films and he added some masala inorder to attract the youth audience but it is not fair calling him like that for first two films.


Later he want to prove his talent and done premakathachitram which had got huge applause from the family audience for the fun and horror elements in the film.After that he has done bhalebhale magadivoi and this film again is complete family entertainer with good comedy.


Thus Director maruthi has proven that he too can do family entertainers and we wish him a happy birthday to him and expect more good films from him.

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