Special article:It is easy to handle big hero than new hero

So many directors are failing to score hit with star heroes i.e they believe it was difficult to score hit with them but here are some of our views that scoring hit with starhero was easy than scoring hit with new comer.


If we take a star hero,he will already have good hype and they themselves help in marketing the film.for starheroes only thing need to be done is to tell a good and simple story which is new rather than repeating the same formulas and testing the patience of audience with same routine type of dramas i.e if we consider srimanthudu movie which is 2nd biggest hit in tfi is not a great movie but a new point with new story was told and it scored big hit.actually so many better films than srimanthudu are there but point here is when a new point was told with starhero without missing commercial elements it will be hit.so those who direct starheroes need to realise this point.


When we do film with new hero,we will have to market the film and there will be lot of hurdles.until or unless the movie received a very good talk only the audience will come to theatres,so that is why it was difficult to score hit with new hero.


So finally we want to say that why so many are unable to realise this point and score flops at boxoffice.


Note:if we have good story and if we tell it interesting way, star hero or small hero or new hero it doesnt matter and it will get success but we just want to point out that why so many still not recognising the fact about star heroes.

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