Taskara telugu movie review

Taskara Movie cast & crew : –


Kiriti Rambhatla




Chandra Shekar Devarapally (Director)

Rajendra P Nadh (Director of Photography)

Kesava Kiran (Music Director)

Md.Ansari (producer)


Crime, Thriller

Running Time:

1 hr 45 m


Taskara Movie story :

TASKARA is the story of a mysterious hacker who steals 10 trillion (you read it right) rupees from the financial system of India. Is it really possible? Does the RBI (cleverly rebranded as Republican Bank of India) hold that kind of money? We have to watch it to know it.

Taskara Movie Highlights :

Concept and story

vfx effects

characterisation of Hero.


Taskara Movie review : First of all it was a very good attempt as the movie team have tried to bring new subject within their limited budget.The main lead kiriti transformation into the role was good.The movie majorly deals with financial systems and hacking where taskara team have succeded in explaining the things clearly But there are very few unnecessary elements and slow narration at few points.The vfx in the movie have helped to show the movie richly and that too in limited budget vfx team has delivered their best.The screenplay of the movie was also good by revealing twists interestingly.overall taskara was a good attempt.

Final word : – Taskara is a decent watch for those who always claim new stories won’t come in Telugu cinema.Considering the movie limited budget they have executed well and have brought a new subject.Anyway it was a good one for their story,attempt and vfx.


Rating : – 3/5

taskara teluug movie review

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