thagubothu ramesh funny joke

thagubothu ramesh has shared a funny joke on social networking platform which is as follows based on the above pic.


“in “oopiri” sets both of them are busy with their phones.

so are you thinking where is my phone? The photo was taken from my phone only.”


here is the what exactly thagubothu ramesh has shared


“ఊపిరి” సెట్ లో ఇద్దరూ తమ ఫొన్లతో బిజీ అయిపొయారు.

మరి నా ఫోన్ ఎక్కడ అనుకుంటున్నారా… ఈ ఫొటో తీసింది దానితోనే కదా…??”



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