Tripura Movie interview -Naveenchandra says dont miss 1st 10mins have brought to you interview with Naveen Chandra about his upcoming movie Tripura which is going to release on nov6th.


1.Hi sir,how are you?
->I am fine. and when this Tripura started?
->Tripura movie has happened in April when I was shooting for my film LOL. is working with swathi in this movie?
->Awesome ,she is a very good actress and a good human.
4.Tell about music director of this film ?
->Kaamran is a calm person with lots of talent and  he is the back bone of tripura with his background score.
5.Tell about cinematographer of this film?
->Ravi Kumar Sana is cinematographer. he is already proven  with his national award winning film Ugram in Kannada and  next is tripura, he captured the  soul of the film with his single vision.
6.How is response for audio released?
->Good response for music  from the people and are loving its lyrical values given by chandrabose garu and he has done superb job.
7.Tell about the producer of this film?
->Chinnababu is the producer,the production values are the big asset of this film.He is the best producer  and cleared all the cheques before shoot ends.
8.Tell about director of this film?
->As all know  that he has a good hitfilm geethanjili  and next is Tripura .he has done the script engaging with full suspense.
9.How is working for this film?
->i have Learned a lot improving as actor and it is the  best team  that I have worked so far.
10.finally what should audience expect from tripura?
->A neat clean comedy,love and  horror entertainer. i request audience  that don’t miss the first 10minutes of film. you have anything else to share?
->Do watch Tripura and  don’t miss  my next upcoming film LOL  and i need your love and support.
so, thats how the interview ended and we thank Naveen Chandra for the interview and hope he will have good success with his movies.
 Tripura is releasing worldwide on november6th.

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