This video shows What superstar Rajinikanth is and How should people behave

Super star Rajinikanth is the man who proved that Glamour doesn’t need to rule Glamour film Industry.His style is the main reason behind his success and stardom i.e if you have unique talent and if its recognised then no need of background or anyother things.Here is a video which doing circles in social media,where Rajinikanth walks along the Streets in US while his film Kabali Breaking all time box office records.


This is what a simplicity.So many behave ruthlessly thinking of stardom or money they had in life but it was never a rule that if you own some millions of money and stardom,you should show your power or ego on others.Anyway,Rajinikanth is great and even at this age.The hype and craze we seen for his film is due to Starpower and evergreen style which created good buzz and all the hungama,despite film being slow one and not a fresh one.Kabali is a ok watch with superb songs,bgm,rajini style and rich production values.

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