why wont rajamouli do a film as main lead?

We want to share few things about rajamouli today.

Actually when i see the acting scenes of rajamouli i.e while explaining the scene to actors,i feel he is equally skilled in both acting and story telling.if there is any possibility,rajamouli should  consider acting as main lead in his any of upcoming movies.

Rajamouli major strengths are four-

one is immense knowledge about film making.

 good story telling.


dedication towards work.

Majorly due to them only rajamouli today has reached the peaks craze not only in tollywood but also all over india.


He has opened the doors for market expansion for Tfi when Tfi struggling to reach 100crores,with his baahubali he has proven that 300crores can also be collected by a regional movie and also making baahubali stand as second highest collected movie in india.


We wish S.S.rajamouli a very great happy birthday.





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