Who will come first Mahesh Babu or Pawan Kalyan ?

Pawan kalyan is going to start his new film shoot with Dolly from August 6th onwards,at same time Mahesh babu going to start his film shoot from July 29th onwards.So,who will come first with their movie’s release in these two ?


There are maximum chances for pawan kalyan-dolly film to complete soon and might release earlier than Mahesh’s film because Pawan and Dolly film was not a Big budget film like Mahesh’s one and that too due to several delays earlier,the team of Pawan’s film are eager to complete the films shoot faster without delaying any further and hence Pawan Kalyan will come first most probably and at same time,as Mahesh babu’s film being Big budgeted one, the makers will take their own time to make sure everything comes perfectly and hence it might take some more time for the film.Anyway,lets wait and see what happens.

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