will rajamouli make baahubali-2 to more interesting?

Baahubali which is the biggest blockbuster and which had increase the market of telugu film industry has got part1 super successful but anyway the movie did not got super talk and with only average talk it has acheived that success.so many people who are fans of rajamouli and who have seen rajamouli have opinion that baahubali was not a greatone if we consider the story telling when compared to rajamouli earlier movies.In baahubali majorly due to visual effects and grandeur of movie has made the film success and also the graphics looks very cheap in the climax fight and the movie has some wow moments inbetween but lacks interesting from start to finish i.e inparts it was so good.

So rajamouli as director always tries to improve i.e takes the faults of his movies from people and he tries to rectify them in next movies,so rajamouli is planning for a better than baahubali-the beginning version because he even know the talk which got on first day but due to the media ,the part1 movie has gone to peak highs and it stood as biggest blockbuster for a regional movie.the shooting of the movie is expected to start soon and the movie is planned to release in 2016,so rajamouli should do part2 well i.e even though when making film like baahubali,it was common to  have so much of tenses and lot of hardwork and hence we might have missed rajamouli mark in part1 so we need to understand this point as well.we hope rajamouli does well in part2.

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