will rajtarun maintain his success image further?

Rajtarun who is just a normal guy has debuted with film uyyala jampala and that film got huge success.His second film is cinema chupista mama which doesnt have good promotions but yet due to mouth talk the movie manged to be listed as hit.Now his third movie kumari21f has lifted him up further with huge success.so thus raj tarun currently has three hit films which is great thing as he doesnt have any background.

So now rajtarun enjoys his own followers but he should keep in mind that if he further scored two or three flops all the stardom which he earned until now will be washed out i.e he need to do good scripts and should not do any films with over confidence that  he got success otherwise he will lose his stardom which he earned now.

so we wish rajtarun should realise this point and hope he entertains us with some good scripts.

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