Jyo Achyutananda review rating movie talk audience response Nara Rohith Naga Shourya

Jyo Achyutananda review rating movie talk audience response Nara Rohith Naga Shourya :- Jyo Achyutananda review movie review talk audience response will be updated at this page. Jyo achyutananda movie starring Nara Rohith and Naga Shourya was directed by avasarala srinivas. “Jyo Achyutananda” movie stars Regina in lead role. coming to the film, the Director made it clear that the film is not a Triangular love story and at same time, the new posters where both of the brothers have their own wifes and Regina was shown in middle of them, that poster gave more clarity on the film. Anyways, lets check jyo achyutananda more details below.


Jyo Achyutananda Movie Story :-

Jyo Achyutananda is a Story between two brothers who fall for the same girl and how the things were dealt forms the rest of the story.

Jo Achyutananda (jyo achyutananda) Movie Highlights 

Multi Starrer film


Main leads acting as Brothers

Screenplay Narration

Avasarala srinivas Direction


jo Achyutananda ( jyo Achutananda ) Review

Both Nara Rohith and Naga Shourya performed well as Siblings in the film

Regina did good justice to her character

The comedy in the movie worked out well

Some of the scenes between the brothers are Good

Srinivas Avasarala has once again did well with both his screenplay and direction

Except last 20minutes was bit slow, everything goes on a smooth flow

over all Jyo Achyutananda is a Good Hit for this Multistarrer Heores who worked first time.

jo Achyutananda ( jyo Achutananda ) Audience response

The movie receiving Hit Talk from USA premiers, it was nice to see Good reports for the film in early morning. so Jyo Achyutananda has good scope to do well.

jo Achyutananda ( jyo Achutananda ) Box office scope

Movie Talk – Blockbuster – 15+ crores

Movie Talk – Super Hit – 12+crores

Movie Talk – Hit – 10+crores

Movie Talk – Average – 7+ crores

Movie Talk – Flop – 4.5+ crore

After seeing the result of the film, the Box office scope of the film will be between 10-15crores share worldwide in its final run.


Anyway,lets wait and see how it performs in coming days at Box office.

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