sahasame swasaga sagipo audio review

sahasame swasaga sagipo audio review : – Naga chaitanya’s sahasame swasaga sagipo audio function was held grandly a few days ago.The audio songs were released on the occasion of audio launch function.The music of the film was composed by A.R.Rahman who is one of the top music directors,so the expectations on the audio of this movie are high.let us check sahasame swasaga sagipo audio review below.

sss audio track list

sahasame swasaga sagipo audio traack list

1. Shokilla Singers – Aditya Rao, ADK, Sri Raskol & Rakendu Mouli Lyrics – Rakendu Mouli Music – A.R. Rahman

2. Kannula Munde Singers – Haricharan, Chinmayi Lyrics – Krishna Chaitanya Music – A.R. Rahman

3. Chakori Singers – Satyaprakash, Sashaa Thirupati Lyrics – Ananth Sriram Music – A.R. Rahman

4. Taanu Nenu Singers – Vijay Prakash Lyrics – Ananth Sriram Music – A.R. Rahman

5. Vellipomaake Singers – Sid Sriram, ADK Lyrics – Sreejo Music – A.R. Rahman

The audio album of sss thus consists of 5 songs.let we check the review below.

Sahasame swasaga sagipo songs review :-
  Like all A.R.Rahman’s songs sahasame swasaga sagipo songs don’t look great when heard the first time but slowly if we listen to them twice or thrice you will start liking them.

Vellipomake,taanu nenu and chakori songs are receiving the superb response from the audience and are highlights of the audio album.The other two songs are also decent.

overall,sss audio album was a decent one which can go well with the audience.

Sahasame swasaga sagipo audio public response:-

Even Audience are liking the movie’s songs.The response was positive for the audio and hence,Sss remained as a good audio album.

Rating – 3.5/5

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