s.s rajamouli is afraid of two directors?

Rajamouli who is the only director with all successful movies and who made biggest blockbuster bahubali and got wide popularity all around the nation.


Do you know rajamouli fears about two directors? yes,it is he fears about two directors i.e trivikram and sukumar.

coming to trivikram,he is one of best writer born on earth and how come he write his dialogues in such a great manner,may be anyone can write for 2 or 3 movies but every film of him was extraordinary in terms of dialogues and sometimes we even come to a conclusion that he is the only person in this earth who write like that and also his movies can be seen any number of times i.e not all but most of his movies can be watched any no.of times which is not at all an exageration.thats why rajamouli fear about trivikram.


coming to sukumar,sukumar is really a genius and whos thoughts are very unique and his characterisation in aarya and aarya 2 are amazing but unfortunately poor audience who cant understand his creativity made aarya2 a flop.even his one nenokadine which is very unique movie got rejected by audience but anyway he is also a genius with very uniqueness and thats why rajamouli fear about him.

so finally rajamouli fear is justified because both are uncomparable to rajamouli even though they wont have bahubali,they are greatest directors.


we need appreciate rajamouli for accepting the truth and his genuiness.


check video below where he mentioned it



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