Google Admob made Changes to its Impression Counts for Banner Ads

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Google’s Mobile App Advertising Network Admob rolled out new changes to its Impression Counts for Banner Ads.

“Today, AdMob counts native and interstitial impressions when at least 1 pixel of an ad appears on a device’s screen. However, AdMob counts a banner ad impression each time an ad is served to the app. We’re changing the way we count banner ads to align with interstitial and native ads.” Reported by Admob Team in an Update to its Publishers.

It Further Concludes that “On Septem‌ber 27, 2016, we’ll start counting an impression when at least 1 pixel of an ad appears on the device screen. This update will gradually take effect over the months of September and October for all Google banner ads. However, it won’t apply for any ads mediated from third parties via AdMob.”

This is Indeed a Good News for Publishers as 1 Pixel is the lowest form of loading a page, and hence it improves more impressions for Admob Publishers, which intern helps in increasing their revenue.

Google started caring about Publishers these days, a few days ago Google Lifted three ads per page limit after replacing it with “Valuable Inventory”.

One of the Publisher shared ” It’s been the tough job for Publishers to make decent earnings after low CTR, CPC and we are looking for some change in rules to benefit Publishers, and we are happy with Both 3ads per page Ads limit lifted and this new impression policy for Admob” with TeluguMoviePhotos.

Overall, It’s a Good thing for Publishers who have been taken cared by Google after several long years, which they are desperately waiting for.

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